Oh Donald Trump…Keep your wig on will you!!!


Nice Hair eh Donald?

It seems Mr Trump is still upset about Scotland’s plans to have a windfarm off the coast of OUR country, a windfarm that will help many in Scotland receive power and possibly even allow many to pay less for that power…a decision us Scots are taking as it makes sense to harness the one true resource we still have in our windy little part of the world after the Thatcher government made sure that our coal resources were to be lost forever…

Poor Donald is upset because the windfarm is off the coast of his ‘luxury’ golf course built near Aberdeen…its really upsetting him, so much so that one attempt to publish an advert failed when the Advertising Standards Agency wouldn’t allow his lies to be printed and then today it seems he has managed to force another advert into the mix, one that Right Wing rabid newspapers like the Dundee Courier are only too happy to print…



Now then Donald…do you really think you do what little case you still had left any justice whatsoever by printing such absolute trash?

As anyone who knows me will know, I am no fan of Alex Salmond, I have never voted for the SNP and cannot envisage any scenario where I would do so…but I do support Scotland’s bid for Independence and will vote YES at the referendum in 2014…and one other thing that I also have agreed with the Scottish SNP administration on  is the release of al-Megrahi…a man who is no longer alive but who many, including prominent family members of Lockerbie victims, feel was an innocent man over the bombing of Pan Am 103.

For Trump to link these issues is pretty low, even by his gutter instincts…

Trump is the man who has hounded President Obama over a birth certificate, even when confronted with the evidence he failed to accept it, that’s the measure of the man…a tool!!!!

He basically called for an uprising in America when Obama won re-election…well Donald, we in the civilised world are still waiting on that idea kicking off…and he obviously feels that he can involve himself in the internal affairs of Scotland because, after all, as he told the committee in Holyrood looking into the issue of Wind power…he is the evidence it doesn’t work!!! Deluded??? Much???

The more Trump loses the plot…as seen in his spectacular Twitter meltdown on Election night in the US and also in his recent ‘my apprentice cock is bigger than your apprentice cock’ spat with Sir Alan Sugar in their tweet standoff…the more he makes a bigger mockery of himself.

I know it may be hard for Trump to get his wig around it, but the people of Scotland in the whole, pro and anti-SNP alike, are pretty much in agreement that we are not interested in how he feels about the wind turbines off the coast of Aberdeen…because unlike Trump, we live here and will benefit from the harnessing of that natural energy…Its just a shame that the SNP originally bent over backwards to bring that damn golf course to Scotland in the first place…but they must not lose their nerve now in the battle with Trump’s ego…If necessary they should compulsory purchase the land back and rip the bloody course up…it would be a fantastic place to build some much needed social housing…lovely views for the Scots to look out over as they parked their cars outside their houses on Trump Way, Donald Street and Wig Close…that’s the kind of legacy we should allow Trump to have in Scotland…pavements named after him where dogs could shit!!!

Spend all the cash on adverts you want Donald…we don’t care…we think your an idiot and each time you involve yourself in Scotland’s affairs you just help confirm our suspicions…but leave Lockerbie and other issues you know jack shit about out of it…it may play to your right wing friends in America and sad publications like the Courier over here but Scotland is a compassionate nation and that compassion will never be broken by anything you have to say on any subject…just do us a favour and shut up in future!

Unless of course you want to allow us to harness some of that wind that comes out of your mouth…a blowbag like you could probably power a good many homes and I know just the North Sea that we could stand you on a platform in…if your interested then it would seem you have Alex Salmond’s email address…drop him a line, I am sure he would be more than happy to facilitate you!