Take a step back and think….

All this media scrum over the prank call to the Hospital where a royal was feeling a bit precious is really getting out of hand now.

Firstly…It was a joke call…it wasn’t malicious, it was what it claimed to be…a prank!!!

The failure lies with the security surrounding the Royals, not with the receptionist or nurse who was duped and sadly is no longer alive to tell the tale…The Queen doesn’t make phone calls direct, I’m pretty sure of that…a switchboard operator will no doubt be involved in connecting her when she does make a call to someone…why wasn’t that simple fact not made clear to the receptionists at the hospital, why was there no security arrangements in place for ANY calls incoming with regard to how they were to be handled…I was going to say the Royals aren’t stupid but I won’t because they do lack the one vital ingredient that is needed to make them useful…common sense!!

Any call received should have been dealt with by the royal security staff who were no doubt in the hospital at all times and available…no nurse should have been anywhere near those calls!

Prank calls have been done since time started…done well they can be brilliant…done with the accents used by the 2 DJ’s in Australia they should have been picked up immediately…the DJ’s were having a laugh…not their fault that our Royal family allows itself to be so exposed to ridicule that the calls managed to get through…

Which brings us then to the tragedy of the nurse who took the call…what she said doesn’t matter, because she should never have been placed in that position in the first place…but what has happened to her for it will be something that I hope gets considerable scrutiny and not just dismissed as a suicide!

Unless the poor woman had an underlying mental health issue then I just cannot get my head round why she would take her own life over this…what pressure was she put under???

It is fine for the hospital to say she was getting ‘support’…anyone who has made a genuine mistake at work can often testify to how ‘supportive’ their bosses are about it…threats etc can often be quite readily dispensed…of course the hospital is now going to cover all its tracks and make out it was supportive and helpful to her, she is dead, she cannot contradict them!!

That poor woman must have been under some kind of pressure or threat from someone to make her feel that the only way out was to take her own life…what she did was wrong in divulging information but wrong enough to make her want to kill herself???

This is not about the DJ’s, the prank calls or the radio station…anyone who screams for the blood of them in retaliation is missing the point all together and is doing exactly the thing in response that they ‘claim’ to be enraged about in the first place!!

The truth of what happened to the nurse lies in the hospital and in whatever pressure she was put under following the incident coming to light…anything else is just smoke and mirrors…

You can consider many conspiracies over this…who did her actions embarrass and how far does that mean someone would go to get back at her…no Paris underpasses at work here, but will the truth of what happened to her ever really be told…you only need to look at the establishment crumbling in parts under the Jimmy Savile investigation to see that not everything is as it appears to be in the world we live in…Who is to say this situation isn’t any different!

What we do know is that the media are on the warpath over the actions of the DJ’s and the radio station…its pathetic to watch and see given that it serves no purpose other than to provide cover for others who may use that cover to clear their tracks…it solves nothing to go on a witch hunt, it won’t bring back the nurse and just puts others under severe mental stress…nobody wins in that!

People need to calm down and take a step back…take a long hard look at the situation and think…does it make sense to you what happened to that poor woman given what had happened in the days before…did her final action to take her own life seem rational when it is claimed that her employers where being ‘supportive’…something stinks…and it smells really bad to me!