You know your country is f****d when……

A bunch of Libyan farmers and postmen and whatever else can capture 8 of your elite SAS soldiers and hold them hostage!!!

That’s what happens in a country where the Government cuts its defence spending and re-organises its forces based on saving a few pounds rather than making the forces fit for purpose.

Only in the UK can you now get aircraft carriers with no bloody aircraft on them…..

Only in the UK can you now build ships that you intend to mothball or sell as soon as they are completed…..

Only in the UK can you cut back on the very aircraft that for years have saved countless lives in the waters off the countries shores…..

Only in the UK can you ask brave men and women to fight for you in Afghanistan and then hand them their P45 when they return from their tour of duty…..

Only in the UK can you slash by half the number of trainee pilots already half way to qualifying for the RAF…..

11000 service personnel will lose their jobs soon in the UK….Our aircraft carriers will have to wait nearly 10 years to get aircraft on them….Our government is a disgrace, it can’t even organise the proper and timely evacuation of people from a country like Libya without making a complete mess of it….and now our elite forces are the joke of the world….shameful Mr Cameron…bloody shameful!!!!