Let the Yanks eat Haggis!!!

I learned something new today, always a good sign when you realise that at my age there is information out there still to be discovered.

Today I learnt that the USA has had a Haggis ban in place for the last 40 years!!

As the BBC Website states…

Imported haggis was banned by the US because its food standards agency prohibits sheep lungs in food products.

Traditional Scottish haggis, which is made with a sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, had faced a double barrier.

In addition to the sheep’s lung ban, the US prohibited the use of offal from the UK in the wake of the BSE outbreak in 1989.

However, the US ban on British meat products in the wake of the BSE crisis has since been relaxed.

So the push is on now to try and overturn the remaining ban and allow the modern day Americans to enjoy the superb little beast that is the Haggis, a taste like no other and the perfect foil for some ‘Neeps and Tatties’ both at this time of year around Burns Night and in fact at any time of the year.

During my 6 years in Ireland I regularly imported tins of Haggis into the Republic, purely for my own consumption you understand!!! Haggis wasn’t available over there either although it was to be found in the North through various butchers.

Thankfully now back in Scotland I can access the wonderful Haggis in all its forms, yes we even slice and dice it here and of course a Chip Shop that doesn’t sell Deep Fried Haggis in batter isnt a real Chip Shop!!

The Americans miss out on so much it seems, many have never travelled abroad and few even own a passport. But they are a nation made up of many races and the Scots amongst them should be allowed access to a bit of Haggis now and again so hopefully the push to allow the ban to be overturned will succeed and a huge market for exports will open up to some Scots firms.

Once they have the Haggis back on their menu they will be able to once again enjoy the taste of ‘home’. As for the Haggis themselves, well they will be hunted once again on the hills of Scotland…but they are a tough little beast to catch and with having their left legs shorter than their right legs to allow them to run round mountains quicker the Americans may have to wait a while until enough have been caught and made ready for export.

But it will be worth the wait!!!


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