Ah..the memories!!

Had a rather enjoyable drive around the northern suburbs of Glenrothes tonight, in the dark it didn’t look like it has changed much in the nearly 11 years since I worked there.

The area where I managed a local newsagents was called Cadham…my boss at the time I was offered the move there described it to me before I came to look at it as ‘a leafy little suburb on the outskirts of Glenrothes’…what he didn’t mention was the twinning that had taken place with Beirut!!!

The customers in the most were typical gems and I spent over 3 years working there but it was never usually a long stretch without incident…a local copper called to the area ends up handcuffed to a railing with his own cuffs…youths aiming fireworks at buses…regular visits from the fire brigade to put out my smouldering bundles of papers, yes it was never a dull place to be!!!

And tonight in my little drive round I remembered all the chaos, and then have a little smile at all the laughs we had too…for the adversity hardens you as a team and the folks I worked with (a few exceptions allowed) were really good people and continue to be long distance friends to this day!

I’m not one for going back to previous workplaces, what’s past is past and all that…but I will bet the fun in Cadham still goes on and the trouble still happens too!!! Ah the memories….

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