It would never have happened in Bill Shankly’s Day!!

Something happened prior to the start of the West Ham v Arsenal match on ESPN tonight. As the teams waited in the tunnel with the Referee and his line officials at their head a reporter stood in front of them all and did a piece to camera on live TV.

And the only thought going through my head as she spoke was…..

What the hell would Bill Shankly have made of that!!!!!!

Can anyone imagine if that had been Liverpool v Man Utd in the days gone by, would Bill Shankly and Matt Busby have stood there and waited with their sides in the tunnel, players all worked up and pumped ready to perform, as a reporter conducted a last minute piece of wisdom to the camera….I can’t imagine it for a second…

More likely they would have grabbed her by an arm each and dumped her in a bin somewhere. But sadly in the modern day its not the clubs, managers or players who call the shots its the TV paymasters.

Shankly would have had some comment to pass on it all I am sure, and whilst I have no idea what it would have been I am pretty sure I would have agreed with him!!!!