What supporting St.Johnstone means to me….

I have been thinking about doing a post like this since I re-started the Blog. Lots of people support a football team, and many more people cannot undertand why people do and why football means so much to some of us.

I wrote a piece on a forum site a few years ago, and having re-read it I don’t think I can add much to it, other than a bit of updating and slight editing, I think it sums up in my words how I feel about it all. Football is about your club and about being part of that club, it is open to the young and old, male and female and it crosses all other barriers that life can throw at us if we allow it to.

I wrote a blog the other day about my thoughts on Kenny Dalglish returning to Liverpool and how I felt about that, for Liverpool are my favourite team in England and Kenny returning is something I have wanted to see for a good while. But that is Liverpool, and much as I follow them and look for their results they are not St Johnstone….MY TEAM…..The only thing in life that can make me cry other than friends and family…actually they are part of my family!

Through the medium of Twitter I have made some great contacts in the Saints family, we even go under the tag of the Saintee Twitter Mafia, and its not just the supporters who exchange a bit of banter on the site. Current players like Michael Duberry, Peter MacDonald, Danny Grainger and Club Captain Jody Morris tweet regularly and interact with the fans.

So…what does supporting St Johnstone mean to me……..

Sometimes we struggle a bit, sometimes there is a problem somewhere with the team and at that time we hope better minds are working hard behind the scenes to try and find a solution…. but at the end of the day this is MY club, whatever expectations we have as individuals is just that… individual to us!!!! As we grow older we will probably lower those expectations as that comes from the reality of understanding the politics of football, the finances, the abilities etc, still it doesn’t stop us all dreaming though and that is the beauty of football and how we feel about our club…

I’ve supported Saints for too many years now. I was born in Perth, I’ve seen some great matches, laughed uncontrollably, cried even harder at times, watched players like Brogan, Grant, and Baltacha tear opponents apart, and also watched as we were pumped 5-1 in our first match after the double relegation in the eighties – folks that is what football is all about… its why we care, get excited, get depressed.

I haven’t seen Saints play many times in the last 10 years through a combination of living in Ireland or simply just not having the funds to attend regularly. But I still get butterflies every 90 minutes that I know a Saints team is playing somewhere in a match, I can still sit on the PC on a Saturday and cringe and smile whilst looking at the score on the Sky Sports Live site!!! Its our being, our identity and this club is everything to us..

When I was a kid I remember getting my first Saints top. I must have worn it for weeks with it hitting the old twin-tub washing machine every night to be ready for the next morning, I felt something bordering on pride everytime I put it on even at that young age and I had no fear of any team no matter who they were because in my world Saints could beat anyone!!! (And at subbuteo they always did).

So no matter whatever happens we will be there till the day we die! I hate it when some supporters talk about glory hunters when we are successful – just remember that no matter how many people get tagged like that, if even one of them feels as we do at the end of whatever campaign has brought them on board then another Saints fan for life has been born and that is truly remarkable… we all started somewhere and must not forget that..

We are all members of the St Johnstone family and our team is special to us all in many different ways.

And I leave you with this thought!!!!

What would we all do if we woke up tomorrow and the club wasnt there anymore????

It frightens me more than the thought of Nuclear War…

Keep the Faith…………..