I love watching ‘celebrities’ hurting themselves…

Its that time of year when Dancing on Ice begins again on TV, one of the few shows of this type that I watch.

But I don’t watch it for the skill, the grace across the ice or the celebrities ‘journey’ from useless to something slightly better than useless…

No…I watch it because every now and again someone who thinks they are famous but who you probably haven’t heard of will hurt themselves!!!

What a sadist…but in reality, its what a lot of people watch it for!

I can’t Ice skate, I have tried but in fairness I’m neither built for grace or speed, and I don’t much like the idea of hurting myself!

I have tried it twice and would class myself as being an expert at holding onto the sides of the rink..once I let go of that safety net there is only one way it is going to end up and for that reason I just don’t do it.

But watching deluded ‘celebrities’ hurting themselves is much more fun, okay now and again one that can actually skate comes along but I can ignore them. And once the competition gets past about week 5 the chances of a serious injury drop considerably so its the early weeks that are the most fun.

My desire to watch the deluded in this way isn’t just contained to Dancing on Ice, for that extra joy of watching the deluded squirm I have been known to enjoy I’m a Celebrity as well, nothing better than watching a Kangaroo’s anus being munched on TV…yes, sadist I am, I can’t help it!!

You just know that anyone who is daft enough to do these shows is at the bottom of their game and trying hard to jump start a career, for that self serving reason alone they deserve to suffer. ‘Proper’ celebrities don’t need to whore themselves around reality tv shows, they are stars, the people on reality shows are desperate!

I’m thinking a new career could be opening up to me. Thinking up ways to inflict pain and humiliate the deluded…must put some down on paper and send them off to the tv channels!!!

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